Peter Pan’s Summer Program has provided an outstanding, outdoor-oriented summer experience for young children since 1969.  Each day includes special theme related activities, sports, gardening, games, nature, and more.   Our outdoor classrooms and unique interest centers provide enriching experiences that are inviting to children of all ages.

Our program emphasizes the joys of summer ~ digging in the dirt, making mud pies, catching bugs, planting seeds, and exploring our wonderful world.  This is all incorporated into a creative curriculum that ensures educational growth throughout the summer.  Language, literacy, and math are incorporated in ways that make learning fun.  You can be sure your child will love the adventure of outdoor learning, with plenty of time for kids to be kids! 

Each school provides a variety of gardening opportunities.  Children love planting and caring for their garden plants - watering, weeding, and harvesting!  Just watch their little thumbs turn green this summer!  They will expand their nature knowledge even further, as they learn to identify plants, insects, backyard animals, and birds through our “Learning Leaves, Wings, Feet, & Beaks” program. 

One of our big thrills of summer is raising butterflies.  The process starts with the discovery of capturing butterfly eggs on our host plants.  We carefully place them in our butterfly habitats and wait patiently for teeny, tiny caterpillars to emerge.  We feed the caterpillars it’s host plant leaves and watch as the caterpillars get bigger and bigger.  When they get really big, these wiggly creatures amaze us by forming their own chrysalis.  Then finally it happens ~ the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis!  Imagine the excitement in the children’s eyes as they watch these beautiful butterflies flitter away on our “Butterfly Release Days”!

Our experienced staff teaches year-round and is comprised of experienced, well-educated, professional teachers.  They ensure a safe, fun, educational, and nurturing environment for all of our children.  

Be Sure to Have Your Child Join Us for a Summer to Remember!

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