Peter Pan’s full day Kindergarten program provides a thematic core curriculum, based on The Land of the Letter People ~ a place where language comes alive, literacy grows, and learning is fun! Each unit provides educational activities that build knowledge and skill in language, reading, writing, science, health, safety, social studies, math, art, and music. The Land of the Letter People is a balanced literacy program that promotes word building, reading, and writing ~ while allowing each child to move at her or his own pace. It incorporates the alphabetic principle, along with phonemic awareness.

Each day starts with a large group activity at the Meeting and Greeting Place. The children are introduced to the new Letter Person each Monday and lessons for the week continue focusing around this letter. The Letter People are motivators for oral language, encouraging children to share their personal experiences, feelings, and opinions. Their personalities are expressed through their songs, the problems they face, and the "real people" modeling the teacher provides. Each Letter Person sings a phonetic song about themselves, which the class listens to and discusses. The children love the rhyme and repetition of these songs and learn from them, as they memorize and sing them. The Letter People characters capture the students’ attention and engage their imagination, as they model social skills and conflict resolution. A variety of phonics lessons that reinforce concepts from the letter and theme of the week are reinforced here with the help of the Letter People.

After the Meeting and Greeting Place, the children rotate through different work centers. These are educational activities that provide opportunities for small group and individual experiences to meet the needs of each child. The children enjoy these experiences, which include language and writing, math, and art.

In addition to the math concepts incorporated in The Land of the Letter People, our teachers utilize activities from Houghton Mifflin Mathematics. Lessons are presented in small and whole group instruction, individual exploration and practice, and group problem solving. Each child develops an understanding of math, based on their own observations, predictions, and experiments everyday in the classroom.

Our Houghton Mifflin math concepts are reinforced daily with our Math Circle Banner activities. Children are introduced to new concepts like time, money, and measurement, as well as expanding their counting, patterning, and sequencing skills. Children get the opportunity to interact with one another and put the skills they’ve learned to work in real life scenarios, with the support of the teacher and their classmates.

Our Peter Pan Kindergarten curriculum provides an excellent foundation for core skill development. Our kindergartners experience a full day of exciting academic activities that prepare them to enter first grade with positive self-esteem and a love of learning.