"Dear Miss Doris, Since we crossed door of school directed by you we felt love. You welcomed us and guided through our first experience of child-mother separation and adjustment in the new environment so gently and professionally. We love everything about school: the cleanness of the rooms, tons of handmade fancy decorations, bunch of great toys and occupational activities for kids, but most of all the atmosphere you were able to create and support through the day - attentive, tender, loving and professional. The letters Miss Susan sends us every day helps us stay in touch with what is my child is learning in school (plus it's education for me too ). A personal thank you, since Aydin found in your his grandma, who he is missing a lot because of our recent move. We did check couple schools in the area before we found yours. And yours is the best! Thank you for your great professional approach and for your tender love and care. We love to go to school!! ...And we love to see the twinkles in your eyes! :) from our hearts. With love and gratitude, your 'parent'."

Peter Pan 75th Parent