Helen Hochstetter opened Peter Pan Early Learning Center on 75th Street in 1970. Her original preschool has helped set the standard for the highest quality of preschool programming in the Naperville area. This unique facility has it all ~ from our bright, colorful classrooms geared for learning and fun ~ to our beautiful country backyard!

Our 75th Street location provides the ultimate environment for outdoor lovers! Three “back to nature” acres offers the wonders of a nature center and the fun of a park ~ all in one big backyard. Our large vegetable garden is overseen by Chuckles, our scarecrow. This garden allows children to experience the entire gardening process from planting seeds or plants, to harvesting and eating home-grown vegetables. The garden is subdivided into plots, with each class taking the responsibility for daily watering and weeding of their “own” garden. Our Butterfly Garden is an example of how Peter Pan children are involved in hands-on learning experiences! 

Adjoining the Butterfly Garden are our Blooming Garden and Pumpkin Patch. What fun we will have picking pumpkins in the fall! Our songbird meadow, abundant with wild flowers, native perennials, and prairie grasses, allows children the opportunity to observe birds and insects in their natural environment. The amphitheater and gazebo are wonderful places for creative dramatics and group activities. 

Our extensive variety of climbing equipment, blacktopped path for mobile toys, and expansive grassy area for children to run and play, offers ample opportunities for sports activities and gross motor development.  

Our “Just for Twos” playground offers this age group equipment and activities that are just the right size, in a safe and private environment. Two year olds love their wooden climber, along with the double slide, steering wheels, chin-up bar, and climbing rope. Our sand tables, along with a wide variety of sand toys, offers plenty of space for digging, sifting, raking, and dumping. Basketball hoops, just their size, along with lots of balls = lots and lots of fun! The real bonus of their playground is the natural setting, with a wide variety of trees and seasonal plants and flowers.      

Peter Pan’s in-ground swimming pool is one of the highlights of our fabulous summer program. Swimming instruction is provided daily, weather permitting, under the close supervision of a Water Safety Instructor, Certified Life Guard, and the classroom teacher. Our pool was specifically designed with a depth that allows young children to feel secure, so they can develop the confidence and skills to become competent swimmers.