Helen Hochstetter's Peter Pan Preschool North is devoted to half day preschoolers, who attend 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week.  Classes are offered in the morning, with an option for children three years and older to extend their day with our “Lunch Bunch” and “Enrichment Class” programs.  Peter Pan North is located in a quiet residential neighborhood, inside St. John’s United Church of Christ.  The school is surrounded by the natural beauty of green grass, gardens, shrubbery, and trees.

Peter Pan North has eight bright, colorful self-contained classrooms that are complimented by natural lighting from large windows.  Each room becomes the home to eight to ten children and their teacher for the duration of the school year.  Children are divided into classes by age specific groups, with a typical class having an age span of three to six months.

Our private playground allows children an enjoyable area to enhance their gross motor development. We have a wonderful combination of sunny and shady areas that include climbers, play houses, picnic tables, sand tables, and nature centers for children to enjoy.

Peter Pan North offers a 2 ½ hour program for two year olds, a 3 hour program for three year olds, and Pre-K students enjoy a four hour program. Enrichment Classes are offered in addition to regular preschool classes to supplement the development of young children in specific areas.  "Lego Literacy", "Math Under Construction", “ABC’s of Chemistry”, "Little Chef's Cooking Class", “Bach to Rock”, “Feed the Birds” and "Yoga for Kids" are just a few of the exciting classes that are offered.