The Butterflies are Here!

At Peter Pan, we are passionate about butterflies! Our butterfly garden is booming with spots for these fascinating creatures to feed, rest, and most importantly, lay eggs! Every year we make sure that we have plants and wild flowers that will attract butterflies - and each year we enjoy the fruits of our labors. Flowering plants provide nectar to the flitting visitors. The puddlers set up along the edges of the garden are a great place for the butterflies to rest their wings, get a little sustenance, and give us a chance to view them. We enjoy providing our fluttering friends with plenty of ripe fruit to add a little variety to their diet.

We love learning about the butterfly life cycle, and the best way to learn is always hands on. One of our goals is to find eggs, bring them into the classroom, and watch them hatch. Monarch eggs are always located on milkweed, and we have been so lucky each summer to find these special eggs and watch as the egg hatches into a caterpillar. Once we have those wiggly new friends, we supply them with fresh leaves to munch and crunch. When they have transitioned into a chrysalis, we count the days until their appearance as a beautiful butterfly, which we then release into the garden in hopes that the whole cycle can begin again!

We have posted large color pictures of the 9 different butterflies that our garden hopes to attract, as well as pictures depicting the life cycle.

Our Butterfly Garden is a favorite daily spot to visit for all of our classes. The children love walking along the mulched paths - it’s like a magical mini world!  We welcome you to take a moment to stop by while you are on a tour of our school.