What’s New - Dinoland

Peter Pan’s “Dinoland” promotes science in a unique way, by allowing children to explore the world of dinosaurs at their own interest level. Young children typically find dinosaurs appealing because these creatures represent strength and power. Children learn about where and how the dinosaurs lived as they navigate the different areas throughout Dinoland. The dinosaur terrain includes large dinosaur footprints, a bridge, river, mountain, rocks, logs, and even a volcano! The Dino Nest is full of large dinosaur eggs to represent where the dinosaurs lives began. Searching for dinosaur bones in the Dino Dig represents the past, when these creatures roamed the earth! Our big selection of large dinosaurs are ready and waiting to head through Dino Crossing or spend time in Dino Lodge. Allowing the children to freely play, explore, and learn about dinosaurs makes this new outdoor experience extra special fun!