Peter Pan has partnered with “Organic Life Smart Foodservice” to provide lunches for our students. They are the leading provider of healthy, all-organic lunches in the state of Illinois. All meals are catered fresh daily. Their formula is quite simple - they cook great food, with great ingredients, that are great for your kids. For more information, you can visit their website at

Peter Pan provides a nutritious and balanced snack and meal plan. We hope to help children establish lifelong eating habits that will contribute to their overall well being. Just as Peter Pan is dedicated to providing the finest preschool experience for your child, we are equally committed to your child’s wellness. We know that a healthy diet is crucial to physical and mental childhood development. We also know that this healthy diet must be one that children will like and enjoy eating. Therefore, we have spent an extensive amount of time researching foods that are organic, natural, and healthy. 

Parents have the ability to pick from three different meal plans: regular, vegetarian, and gluten free. Organic Life and all Peter Pan Schools are nut free facilities and if your child has any other allergies, our directors and Organic Life are happy to accommodate!