At Peter Pan Learning Centers we have many different programs including: 

Health Little Bits is an interactive hands-on program divided into three important areas that expose children to good health habits ~  hopefully for life!  These age appropriate and exploratory lessons are implemented with hands-on experiences, books, poems, and lots of group activities.

"Nose to Toes" - explore what body parts we can see and those we cannot

"Ready, Set, Jump" - discover what makes our body parts move

"Just a Bite" - learn what fuel our body needs to be healthy and strong

Perky Pete's Microscope introduces weekly learning expeditions that encourage the children to explore and take a closer look at the world around them.  This science curriculum is centered around preschool-aged children's interests and natural curiosity.  Teachers guide them as they learn to question, discover, test, and exhibit ideas in their own unique ways.  Each science unit contains carefully prepared information and specially selected materials that allow the topic to come alive for each child.

Sing, Wiggle, Dance and Learn is our music-based curriculum featuring essential learning for every child.  This exclusive Peter Pan program is an innovative approach that combines music and movement, allowing children to express themselves in unique and fun ways.  We incorporate bean bags, parachutes, scarves, and instruments to enhance the learning experience.  Our music program encourages and challenges children, as they develop balance, coordination, spatial awareness, right and left discrimination, opposite analysis, partner and group cooperation, and eye-hand coordination.  Children develop self-confidence, as they Sing ~ Wiggle ~ Dance ~ Learn!

Math Our Way is Peter Pan's activity-based math curriculum, formatted into weekly lessons that build children's math skills one step at a time.  The hands-on activities allow children to explore math through the use of manipulative materials. A balance between individual, small group, and large group activities, allows children to comprehend math concepts in a variety of ways.  As basic math concepts are introduced, the children experience one-to-one correspondence, sorting and classifying, patterns, counting, comparing, ordering, graphing, shapes, early number concepts, and measuring.  Children develop a real understanding of math concepts through "Math Our Way" ~ as they learn by doing.

"Your children will love the fun ~ you'll love what they learn!"