Peter Pan teachers provide our toddlers with a safe, nurturing environment that allows each child to develop naturally, individually, and happily. Our specialized toddler curriculum provides activities that enhance social, physical, and emotional development.

  • Teachers provide enriching activities that help our toddlers become more comfortable with language. Teachers model speech and read books to help toddlers build their vocabulary. Throughout the day, there are opportunities to listen to music, sing songs, learn sign language, and do finger plays to further enhance language development.
  • The children begin to sit together for short group times, but may enter and leave at their will.
  • Simple math concepts, such as size, counting, shapes, and colors are introduced.
  • Movement activities help the toddlers become more aware of their body, as they practice and develop their gross motor skills - gripping, throwing, manipulating, pushing, pulling, walking, and climbing.
  • Toddlers begin to explore art media, including crayons, chalk, finger paint, and glue. They focus on the process of exploring, experimenting, and examining art media, rather than the finished product.
  • Daily sensory experiences allow the children to explore texture, color, patterns, sizes, shapes, smells, weights, and tastes.
  • Cognitive experiences help them learn about classifying, sorting, cause and effect, spatial relationships, object permanence, and problem solving.
  • Dramatic play experiences add more stimulation, as they learn to play house, care for dolls, build with blocks, and manipulate cars and trucks.
  • Teachers encourage music appreciation by singing songs, playing a variety of musical instruments, and moving their bodies and other objects to music.
  • The teachers help toddlers learn appropriate ways to express their needs and feelings. As the toddlers begin to develop their social skills, teachers help them become more aware of others and how to interact with each other.
  • Our individual daily report gives parents information on their snacks, meals, diapering, and nap.
  • Developmental portfolios are kept on each child and are always available for parent viewing.

Peter Pan’s toddlers find lots to keep them busy, but we make sure they take some time for hugs and cuddles every day!