Little Shepherd offers a homey atmosphere in a quiet neighborhood, conveniently located just west of downtown Naperville.  The warmth of the school is apparent in each bright, colorful and inviting classroom.  Our Fellowship Hall provides a large multi-purpose area for the children, with ample space for large motor movement on days that don’t permit outdoor play. 

Located in the Naperville Church of the Brethren, Little Shepherd was originally established as a ministry of the church in the 1970's.  The church board outsourced the management to Helen Hochstetter in 2001 at which time Little Shepherd joined our Peter Pan family. 


Our big "backyard" has been landscaped to appeal to the young and young-at-heart!  We feature two large play areas equipped with climbers and three-wheelers ~ encouraging the children in their gross motor activities.  The play areas are mulched each season to ensure the children take only "soft tumbles".  

Our Learning Gardens are a primary focus for our children during the spring, summer and fall months, as the children learn to identify many vegetables and flowers, as well as distinguish between annuals and perennials.  The children are involved with the entire process of our gardens from early spring plantings through late fall harvests!  While our Learning Gardens add to the beauty of our outdoor setting, their main purpose is the enjoyment, educational value, and experiences they provide all of the children.

Little Shepherd offers our outstanding Peter Pan curriculum, with the addition of Christian lessons and Children’s Chapel with Pastor Dennis. Daily activities instill the importance of loving oneself, our family, our friends, and the world around us.  Children begin to develop an appreciation and respect for all that God has created.